A New Perspective

So, I am a father now such a weird feeling all I used to ever care about was my relationship with my wife, my job, Wellington (my dog) my golf game.  No joke I still care about all those things but the perspective now is totally different I have a family.  We were walking around the block yesterday with Wellington, Nyla, Brianna, Lane in his Bjorn attached to me all bundled up and asleep and the only thing I could think about is how simple life just got, my wife may have been upset with me because I wasn’t engaging her in conversation, but life is simple now, prioritized.  I still have worries like will I be able to perform my job at the same level, how is child care and Brianna going back to work going to affect the current dynamic but I have this quiet confidence that it will all work out.  I think the reason why is simple, because it has to.  There are no more excuses as to why things happen they just will because of the undying love for our new baby and new family.  I always thought I wanted a family, wife, couple kids, a couple of Labrador retrievers I didn’t think it would change my perspective as much as it has.  I am at work now counting the minutes to go home to see Brianna and Lane, even though postpartum is difficult it doesn’t matter.  We have accomplished a lot me and Brianna we are the center of our family but it feels complete now like it was meant to be,  not trying to get sappy, i am going to talk about the NFL, PGA Tour, the golf swing an other stuff that is very manly but this new perspective is making me think very clearly about everything now so I am going to share it with myself on a screen.

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